Salman is pulling my leg or Serious : Katrina Kaif Knows it

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Katrina Kaif says she knows Salman Khan well enough to figure out when he’s joking and when he’s serious.

Katrina Kaif was in a fix when Salman Khan asked her on Bigg Boss 4 who her favourite co-star is, Akshay Kumar or him (Salman). Though reports suggested that Katrina was put off Salman’s questions, the lady says she knew that Sallu was asking such things in good humour.

“Salman and I have known each other for a while now and I know when he is pulling my leg and when he is serious about things. On the sets of Bigg Boss 4, this was all done in good humour,” Katrina is quoted as saying in a Live India interview.

When pointed out that Akshay is seen as her better co-star than Salman, Katrina said: “To be honest me and Salman haven’t done a fair movie together. Whereas me and Akshay have done seven movies together now. So keeping that in mind it is only fair that Akshay gets the better co-star’s title,” she said.

Talking about exposing her mid-riff for the first time in the song Sheila Ki Jawani, Katrina said: “Yes that is true and trust me while shooting for it I was supremely nervous. I had told Farah whether we can use a dupatta. But she told me to give it a shot and if I am still not comfortable then I can use the dupatta. It turned out pretty well. So much so that my brother who is not at all interested in movies welcomed me at the London airport singing Sheila Ki Jawani.”

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