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The Krazy Kool Kat Been Bajake video released last week has stirred up demand for Nandini Jumani. With offers pouring in for a performance on New Year's eve, Nandani found it hard to decide which one to accept.

After much consideration, Nandani will be seen flaunting her curves at a venue in Hyderabad and will take home a cool Rs.25 lakh for her performance. Though this is not in the same league as the Malaika's and the Priyanka's, Nandani did beat them considering the sheer number of offers she received for her to perform.

Who is Nandini Jumani?

Nandini was born on 3rd June 1984 in Assam. She stepped into the glamour world while doing her post graduation at university of Pune. She is a university topper and wanted to become an IPS officer. She dreams to have a old age home of her own one day and currently associated with St. Anthonys home for olds in Mumbai.

Nandini is trained under legendry Saroj Khan for Bollywood Dancing and have done acting workshops with renowned theatre personality Satyadev Dubey.

The sultry Nandini Jumani has been creating waves in the music video circle, dancing seductively to catchy and pulsating numbers Nandini always made her presence felt.


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