Vidya Balan is getting bolder in Ragini MMS

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Vidya Balan is getting bolder, surely if her choice of roles is to go by.

The buzz is that Vidya has all but agreed to play the lead role in Ekta Kapoor’s film Ragini MMS, which is a based on a bold subject and will have many explicit scenes. In fact, Kapoor had previously talked with Kangana Ranaut for the role, but the actress had chickened out as she wasn’t in the mood to do something so bold.

Now, Vidya is Ekta’s best bet. Why? Because Vidya is already acting in Dirty Picture, which is based on the life of the south sex bomb Silk Smitha.

The spokesperson for Ekta’s company has refused to confirm or deny the fact that Vidya has been approached, which means a deal is indeed in the works.


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