'World's best airport' finally gets rail link

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After a construction period spanning almost 10 years, an express train line linking South Korea’s Incheon Airport to downtown Seoul has opened.

The express train takes 43 minutes to travel the 58-kilometer line connecting the center of Seoul with the airport.

A ticket costs 13,300 won (or U.S.$12) per passenger. Regular trains will take 10 minutes longer at 3,700 won (around U.S.$3).

The line began taking passengers on Wednesday with a total of 422 trains operating daily, Arirang TV reported.

Passengers will be able to check in luggage and get boarding passes at Seoul station.

Prior to the opening, the distance was served only by limousine buses, private cars and taxis with a journey time of roughly one hour.

Read more: 'World's best airport' finally gets rail link | CNNGo.com http://www.cnngo.com/explorations/life/its-about-time-south-koreas-incheon-airport-gets-airport-rail-almost-10-years-afte?hpt=C2#ixzz19TrmkoaP


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