Holly Lahti: Single Mom From Idaho Wins BIG In Mega Millions Lottery

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Holly Lahti wins Mega Millions Lottery!

Many single moms spend their time debating about which bills to pay and whether there is room in the monthly budget for new clothes or summer camp. A single mom from Idaho is faced with the dilemma of how she will spend the millions she won in the Mega Millions Lottery.

Who is Holly Lahti, the new Mega Millionaire?

Holly Lahti is the winner of the $190 million Mega Millions jackpot. The single mom-of-two is doing her best to keep a low profile and has requested that the lottery commission not even reveal where she leaves beyond somewhere in Northern Idaho. Right now she is still deciding whether to cash in on the annuity or cash option of her winnings.

Holly Lahti will split the $380 million prize with co-winner, Jim McCullar and his wife Carolyn, who stepped forward to claim their prize last week.


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