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Million Dollar Money Drop had two questions about the Target logo and Orkin that are buzzing all over the web!

Million Dollar Money Drop featured
two friends, Sherman and Omar, trying to cash in on a million dollar prize. The pals needed to answer seven questions so they could take home what they had left to spend.

The question about the Target logo was tricky.  The Target  logo, often called the “Target bullseye” is familiar to anyone who shops at Target.

Million Dollar Money Drop asked the question:
“How many red rings are in this familiar Target logo?”
Could you answer this question?  My first answer was that there were 3 circles in the Target logo. The correct answer was ONE CIRCLE.
Huh? What do you think of this answer?
The another answer in the Million Dollar Money Drop was about BUGS.
“According to Okrin, which is the number on pest problem in America?”
The choices were Ants, Bed Bugs or Roaches. The correct answer was Ants! I would have totally picked Bed Bugs.

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