No Pants New York City Subway Ride 2011 VIDEOS and Pictures

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Do you ever have the sudden urge (whether because of the oppressive heat or for other reasons..) to take your pants off on the New York City subway?
This Sunday is your chance to do so (without possibly committing a crime) with the No Pants Subway Ride sponsored by Improv Everywhere. There are only two requirements in order to participate:
1. Be willing to take your pants off while riding the subway.
2. Be able to keep a straight face while riding sans pants.

There are six meeting points around the city in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. All you need is your normal winter clothes, a backpack or bag, a metrocard and an open mind.

At 3pm, everyone gathered at the meeting points will be divided into groups for different train cars. Once you are on the train, proceed to take your pants off as if that was a perfectly normal activity. If you are asked by non-participants why you are not wearing pants, Improve Everywhere suggests you tell people that either you "forgot to wear pants" or "they were getting uncomfortable." Eventually, the groups will all converge in Union Square. For more instructions, be sure to check out the website.


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