Shahrukh Khan is a gangster and Leonardo DiCaprio an American cop in Xtrme City Video

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Shahrukh Khan, the great superstar of Indian cinema, is set for a big leap into the international cinema with the film Xtrme City that will have him play a Mumbai bhai. Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio will play an American cop.

But a typical cops and gangster story it surely won’t be. Writer Mushtaq Sheikh who has co-written the screenplay with director Paul Schrader has revealed the film’s story and from the narration we can assure you that this one’s going to be a helluva nail-biter.

The film will start with both SRK and DiCaprio as unlikely buddies in a UN peacekeeping force in Somalia in the 90s. During the mission, DiCaprio saves SRK’s life and the latter is indebted to the former. Thereafter starts a friendship but when the mission comes to an end they return to their respective countries. DiCaprio becomes a cop in the US while SRK becomes a don in Mumbai.

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