Sonakshi Sinha irks Pakistani fans

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Sonakshi Sinha could never imagine that her one playful prank could make her fans angry. The actress posted a morphed image on her Twitter account, and her Pakistani fans started unfollowing her. What was there in the image that angered her fans so much?

It showed Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi getting whacked on his butt by an Indian batsman, and Sonakshi added the caption ‘De ghumaaaaake! Hehehehahahaha.’

Phir kya! her fans from Pakistan couldn’t stand the image and the caption.

They flooded her account with hate replies. One message read: “u shouldnt be doing dis, ur father never did dis kind of thing, not even sallu bhai, learn something from them.” Another message said: “Sonakshi just because of this cheap act of yours . . . I am unfollowing you.” Some even said that Sonakshi doesn’t have any class.


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