Walking Dead Season 2 Release Date & Updates Video Streaming

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Robert Kirkman is busy promoting the DVD & Bluray release of Walking Dead which means we all win since he cant help but also talk about Walking Dead Season 2. First off we might as well address the question of when it will release. It was earlier rumored that it would make a summer release to help spread the peak ratings from AMC since they already get great ratings for FearFest. Robert Kirkman has confirmed that it wont be a summer release. AMC is heading for a fall release, likely in October for the 13 new episodes of Walking Dead Season 2.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly he also talked briefly about what we can expect from season 2 saying that it will again focus on the human dynamic with us seeing alot more of the Laurie and Andrea characters and playing up the drama between Rick and Shane which really came to a head in the final episodes.

Although Kirkman was not willing to discuss to much about the locations and plot of Season 2 he was willing to say that we will finally get to see Hershels’ farm which we speculated on already. As far as what is going on with the writing and directing Kirkman and Frank Darabonte are locked up working hard writing the scripts and as with last season Frank Darabonte will showcase his skills behind the camera directing again.

Needless to say I am incredibly excited for Season 2 of Walking Dead. Its a great concept and with the expanded extra seven episodes over Season 1 this new season of Walking Dead means even more zombie madness! While you wait for Season 2 why not checkout our Tips for Surviving the Walking Dead just in case the dead do walk


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