How to Connect Blogger Blog to Google Buzz - Solution of Problem

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Well it's been long time people asking me that there blogs are not appearing in connection site - the automatic buzz by feed or blogger Blog it self ! well its quiet difficult to figure out a situation you are not facing ! upon inviting a person at my house ! I found not only he many ofthe internet users are facing the same problem ! not even the rel=me solution is working for them !

Thats why i researched and found a quiet very interesting and easy way to bug it out ! and have your Blog on Google buzz ! wooo--

As you all know how i came up with other problems of facebook and youtube ! at times when i needed ;)

So here your soloution - A simple technique By Mister Me I means Mister Oni ---

Log into your Blogger Account -
There is a Link Edit Profile Next to you photo -
Click the link -
the Fourth Option says show my blogs and on the side there is a link select blogs to display click it -
select the blog you want to display in Google Buzz -
Click Save Setting -
Wait for 1 Minute Drink water -
Goto Google Buzz Select Connection site -
See your Blog and leave a comment --- ;)

Bye Bye !

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