The PlayStaion 4 Features and Specification

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Recently Sony Executive Drop a hint of releasing next generation console 'PlayStation 4' But the Company hasn't Officially Announced the console. The news of PlayStation 4 was released During the executive vice president and chief financial officer Masaru Kato conference call When they Slip the secret.

After, Listening to the News of next generation console 'PlayStation 4' We decide to put a user suggestion page for the specification and feature they want in PlayStation 4 and then we will forward the whole page to Sony.

The Feature and Specification Users Need In the Next Generation Console 'PS 4'

PlayStation 4 Should Run the normal Cd's, it should be something controlling mind and eyes, it should have a eyes band after wearing that a person enter's in the PS 4, double of the processor Right now, ultra 3d Graphics just like human movies, Should not be hacked, PS 4 must have to able to save Official and Original Games to Hard disk so users don't need to put cd's again and again.

Well these are all the User Specified Features and Specification we are Still waiting for the official words from sony.


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