PS Unhackable Claim means Play Station Upgrade or PS4

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According to our reporter, an inside employ reveals that we are making PSN, Play Station Network and Play Station more safe that even a bunch of hackers will not be able to hunt it down, it will be in new coding and more fun filling than ever !

Sir Howard Stringer, said in his last apologize that the new change will be unbeatable  ! 

"Let me assure you that the resources of this company have been focused on investigating the entire nature and impact of the cyber-attack we’ve all experienced and on fixing it,"

By confirming from the source the new change in PS3 need some kind of patch that will upgrade it making the users unable to hack and this upgrade will fix many of the bugs of PS3 ! 

Still we are waiting for the words from Sony, but my conclusion is why some one will going to upgrade PS3 and install the patch ? if he can run the games in cheap price ? so obviously with that patch they will offer a new station ! may be PS4 or something new that will enhance PS3 and catch the users interest ! Lets wait and see.


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