Raspberry Pi Cheapest Comuter £15 Only - For Kids

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United Kingdom - A Developer has created an astonishing invention that can reduce the education gap between wealthy and poorer children, by developing a £15 Computer !

The Developer Information :-

The co-developer of the Elite space trading computer game, David Braben has developed a tiny computer based around a USB stick called the Raspberry Pi. The little device will plug into a HDMI TV for video output and will allow a keyboard to be plugged in via the USB port.

There was no word about using a mouse in addition to a keyboard. It appears that there is only one USB port, which means users will not be able to plug in multiple peripherals, but that might change for the finished product.

Raspberry Pi Specification

700MHz ARM11 processo
128MB of SDRAM,
General purpose I/O interface for USB and HDMI
SD/MMC/SDIO memory card slots
support for Open GL ES 2.0
HD 1080p H.264 high-profile decode.
also feature a slew of open source software, including Ubuntu, Iceweasel, Koffice and Python. Not bad for 15 quid.

The device could feature more than this, however, as there is a version with a 12 megapixel camera module attached. This is likely to up the cost, but it means that more advanced versions could be made available.

Braben said that since the proposed price is so low for the computers they could even be given away to children for free, with funding coming from other means.

Critics of the idea might highlight the fact that the TV required to use the device will be significantly more expensive, even at the lower end of the market, but this allows a family to invest in a TV that doubles as a computer monitor. The computer can also be plugged into a touchscreen or low-cost tablet.

Let we hope In the Future That Braben can introduce the cheapest and smallest Complete usable Computer !.

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