Bipasha Basu and Amisha Patel caught in the same dress at IIFA

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Shocking but true! Bollywood bombshells Bipasha Basu and Amisha Patel donned the same outfits at the green carpet of the IIFA awards 2011!

Bipasha and Amisha, both were wearing a Ramona Narang dress; thankfully at least the colour of their outfits was different! While Bips’ dress was beige coloured, Amisha was wearing the same dress in yellow colour!

Bipasha was smart enough to realise the fact that the media might take potshots at her, so she herself decided to laugh on the incident and posted on a social networking website: “Also last night a fellow actress landed up wearing the same dress in a diff color as me on d green carpet!It ws quite amusing even for me:)”

However, Bips also wrote that she would take care of the fact that such an incident does not happen again in future and wrote: “So next time I'll plan my green carpet outfit in advance n nt pull out things frm my cupboard last min.


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