Delhi Belly censor board problem with Pakistan

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Aamir Khan productions’ new release Delhi Belly has not been cleared by the Pakistan censor board. The film was slated to release in Pakistan on Friday.

According to a PTI report, the Facebook message posted by Atrium Cinema, a leading cinema in Karachi, states that the film has not got a censor clearance.

“It has just been notified by the distributors of film 'Delhi Belly' that Central Board of Film Censors, Islamabad, have not passed the film for public exhibition. Thus, the film will not be released in cinemas in Pakistan,” the message read.

While there has been no official clarification as to why the film wasn’t granted a clearance, its explicit adult content could be one of the reasons why the Pak censor board found it unfit for public viewing.

Delhi Belly has a liberal use of abuses and even some explicit, adult-rated content. The film has been granted an ‘A’ (Adults Only) certificate by the Indian censor board.

While the release of Delhi Belly has been halted in Pakistan, the other new release Bbuddah - Hoga Terra Baap will release as scheduled.


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