Pics: Ranbir Kapoor in Darjeeling with beauty of south Ileana

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Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor is in the hill station of Darjeeling, shooting for director Anurag Basu’s film Barfee with south actress Ileana.

The film has Ranbir Kapoor playing a deaf and mute character. Priyanka Chopra and Ileana play the two women in his life. The shooting in Darjeeling is underway with Ranbir and Ileana DCruz. Priyanka is supposed to join the crew later during the shoot in Kolkata, but that may not happen because director Anurag Basu is thinking of postponing the Kolkata schedule for the fear that it might be hit by the oncoming monsoon rains.

In fact, the shoot in Darjeeling itself hasn’t been going smooth. Hundreds of onlookers have been gathering on the sets to watch Ranbir and Ileana shoot, making it difficult for the cast and crew to do their job.

Things came to a head on Thursday morning when a brawl broke out between the locals and the crew. Consequently, director Anurag Basu is thinking of returning to Mumbai and resuming the shoot inside the studios.


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