PlayStation 3 Forgotten Feature - The Mouse Support Rarely known

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PC gamer's always complain about controllers of different console specially PlayStation 3 controller even it is now so much popular but still PC gamer's don't like to play shooting games on PS3 as they excuse of not having accurate aim with the controller.

But the Forgotten Compatibility ‎Was designed to bring mouse and keyboard functionality to the PS3, and looks very much like a basic mouse and keypad setup - sort of. In addition to a mouse and keypad that are colored black to match the PS3, the Sony PS3 also features a left-hand grip controller with a thumbstick instead of a keyboard with WASD keys for movement. Thus, players still retain some traditional console controller functions, but precision mouse aiming.

There are Many companies other than Sony itself master in the manufacture of mouse and keyboard for Sony PS3, for those who don't really believe or want to know the list, here is some best known Manufacturer,


Hope this will greatly help PC gamer's to endure the PS3, and try its controller that are far more better than the other controllers and PS3 graphics and new games are more fun to play with any other normal games.


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