Ram Gopal Varma’s and Abhishek Bachchan Controversy On Aishwarya’s pregnancy!

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In an attempt at tongue-in-cheek hilarity, Ramu tries to express his joy over Ash’s pregnancy while at the same time praise her beauty by the tweets that may not be liked by some fans of the actress.

Ramu tweeted to Abhishek Bachchan: “@juniorbachchan I hate beautiful women becoming pregnant but since she's ur wife I will make an exception ..congraaaaaaaats :( ”.

Then perhaps realizing that his tweet was a tad flippant, Ramu added an hour later: “I worship beautiful women nd I hate to see them evr bcm mothers nd in case of aishwarya since she's the most beautiful I hate it even more...That's me as a fan of the most beautiful woman on earth but being close 2 the so loving couple if that makes them happy it makes me double happy.”

Abhishek Bachchan, who is quite prompt in replying to all those who tweet him, did not reply to Ramu’s tweet.


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