Mallika Sherawat leaves for IIFA in a burqa!

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While the other celebs posed smilingly for photographers before leaving for the IIFA weekend in Toronto, Mallika Sherawat tried to sneak into the airport in a burqa.

Mallika Sherawat came upon a clever idea to dodge the paparazzi at the Mumbai international airport but was still caught by a few lensmen, trying to earnestly hide herself behind a veil and a burqa. (see photos above)

While we fail to understand Mallika’s apprehension in being photographed or even being recognized for that matter, we hear that Mallika donned the burqa because she did not want to attract unnecessary attention at the airport and inside the plane.

We all know that just a few weeks back Mallika’s brother Vikram Lamba was detained at the airport for carrying more than permissible foreign exchange. So Mallika perhaps thought it was better to keep a low profile.


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