Sulagna Panigrahi, the latest hottie in Bollywood

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Who could have thought that a girl who played the character of a conjoined twin (Dhara) in Amber-Dhara will play the role of a reluctant call girl in Murder 2! After tasting success at the small screen, Sulagna Panigrahi is now all set to test her fate on the silver screen. She is surely having a dream run!

After the conclusion of Amber-Dhara Sulagna was seen in the serial Do Saheliyaan where she played the character of Maithali. The soap was based on the story of two best friends set in rural Rajasthan. Following the success of Do Saheliyaan, Sulagna went for an image makeover and played a vamp in the hit serial Biddai.

What followed next was a dream come true for Sulagna. She auditioned for a part in Murder 2 and bagged the role of a college girl who takes to prostitution to support her poor family. Her acting skills have already earned her a lot of compliments.

So, here’s a photo feature that brings to the fore a hot side of Sulagna Panigrahi. After watching these pictures you will surely ask yourselves - Is she the same Sulagna we saw in Abhar-Dhara and Do Saheliyan? Well, shocking but true, behind that sober Sulagna was a hot chic waiting to get a break in Bollywood.


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