Dabangg 2 script is Peview and review by Salman Khan

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We all know that Salman Khan is a man of many talents. Give him a paintbrush, and he will paint a canvas. Give him a pen, and he will write you a story. Well, he did that for Veer. But is he turning a writer again for Dabangg 2.

There have been rumours that Salman Khan is taking a lot of personal interest in Dabangg 2. Since Abhinav Kashyap, the director of Dabangg, is now out of the picture, too much burden has fallen on the shoulders of the producer Arbaaz Khan, Salman’s brother.

The word on the grapevine was that Salman has put his pen to the paper again and is writing the script of Dabangg 2.

However, the star has denied doing any such thing.

“Arbaaz has penned it (the script) himself and it's a mind-blowing script,” Salman is quoted to have said.


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