New Trailer Immortals pictures and wallpaper of Frieda Pinto

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Is Immortals about the Titans? Or is it about God? But what are humans doing in the movie? All these questions were popping up in the minds of audiences after watching the first two trailers of the Frieda Pinto-starrer Immortals. Thankfully, John Hurt’s voiceover in the third trailer reveals the outline of the plot of the movie!

Immortals revolves around a battle between the humans and titans! Now, a question that many of you would want to ask us is - “though we have heard the word ‘titans’ several times in Hollywood movies, what or who exactly is a titan?” Well, according to Greek mythology, the Titans were a race of powerful deities! We are glad to make it clear! Wink.

Anyway, so what happens is, when the Titans declare war against the mortal humankind, Zeus (who cannot interfere in this war since ancient law dictates the Gods must not intrude in man’s conflict) chooses Theseus (Henry Cavill) as the leader of mortal humans! And yes… Henry Cavill’s abs are impressive!

Director Tarsem Singh has included some superb action sequences in the extended trailer; and when we try and visualize this panorama in 3D, we surely know we are in for a treat!


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