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If you thought your local country club parking lot or swanky bistro driveway was filled with Porsche 911s, that's nothing compared to the proliferation of the rear-engined sports car on race tracks around the world. Porsche claims that, with over 2,200 examples sold, the 911 GT3 Cup – never mind any other racing variant – is far and away the most popular customer racing car on earth. And now it's set to get just a bit more popular.

Though the next-generation 911 is just around the corner, Porsche's racing department has updated the GT3 Cup one last time. The principal difference is a new 100-liter fuel tank that now complies with an even broader rage of racing regulations. Otherwise it's largely the same as the model we recently drove, packing the same 450-horsepower flat-six as the GT3 RS road car on which it's based, but with 18-inch alloys wearing Michelin slicks and mounted to an adjustable competition-spec suspension. Carbon-ceramic brakes are also available depending on the series.

The new GT3 Cup will be available for delivery to privateer racing teams as of next month, with a price tag starting at 161,750 Euro ($232k by today's rates). Follow the jump for the full press release and scope out the quintet of high-resolution images in the gallery for a closer look. Or better yet, just head down to the local race track, because there's bound to be a few of 'em lapping down there at any given time.

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