Promo of Trishna starring Freida Pinto as an Indian girl

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With that cosmopolitan look and newly-acquired accent, Freida Pinto certainly enjoys being a Hollywood star. But it’s only now that we would see Freida as an Indian girl after the character Latika she played in Slumdog Millionaire. Freida is back to her roots with the film Trishna which is directed by the prolific English director Michael Winterbottom.

Hollywood is abuzz with Freida’s great move. Critics are saying that the movie will put her to ultimate litmus test as she is the main character Trishna. The promo of the film is gripping, and also shows Freida in various steamy scenes with her co-star Riz Ahmed. It seems the movie is not only tragic like the novel Tess of the d'Urbervilles from which it is inspired but also high on sexual content.

The promo did leave us wondering why it doesn’t have any dialogue by Freida. She hardly says a line in the trailer. However, what moves you while watching the trailer is the poignant song composed by the Indian music composer Amit Trivedi.


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