Bipasha Basu’s hot commercia Is Rampage online Hot Topless Back pic

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Blast from the past! Bipasha Basu’s hot topless commercial for New York Lotto spurs online buzz. It would come as a surprise for many as the ad was shot way back in the 1990s when Bipasha Basu used to do modeling in the US.

Well, on the internet nothing gets old; the hot video which shows Bipasha almost semi-nude is creating quite a flutter on the web. The steamy video is an ad for New York Lotto and shows Bipasha as a princess who is getting ready for her marriage and the prince is the much young looking Vivek Oberoi. The beautifully shot ad has exotic Indian feel as traditional music plays in the background, but is quite bold in terms of Indian sensibilities as Bipasha is shown dropping her clothes, and in one scene she shows off her nude back, and her curves are quite visible.

Touted as the hottest ad ever by an Indian actress, this commercial resurfaced last year. At that time, Bipasha Basu’s manager said in a statement, “Bipasha had done this ad in 1999 when she was modelling for Ford Modelling Agency in New York. It was done as an international assignment and was meant for the international market.” While Vivek’s spokesperson had said they have no “idea” about the ad.


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