Katrina Kaif shows her tomboyish side

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We often hear of women being described as a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Likewise, there appears to be many layers to the lively personality of the stunningly beautiful Katrina Kaif as well.

A far cry from the skeletal, size-zero obsessed beauties, Katrina has retained her curves and femininity intact, even winning the tags like the sexiest woman in the world. So it is indeed amusing to see this alabaster beauty hop on a heavy motorbike and zip through the crowded lanes of Mumbai's labyrinthine streets.

Yes, the dainty actress displayed her tomboyish side when she took a fan for a bike ride in Mumbai for an upcoming episode of UTV Stars’ Live My Life. In the show, Katrina’s fan, a 20-year-old Pooja Agarwal, gets to live a day like her favourite star does.


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