London Fashion Week VIPs put down MiniCams got the show

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It is not often that Anna Wintour gets upstaged by a young upstart who is wearing not a single designer label and whose Manolo collection stands at a woeful zero. But at Samantha Cameron's Downing Street reception for the fashion industry, the American Vogue editor's entrance on the arm of a hulking bodyguard was comprehensively overshadowed by that of Florence Cameron, who made a cameo appearance on the hip of her babysitter, who also happens to be the prime minister.

Wintour, famously, never stays at a party longer than 20 minutes. Florence, along with her older brother and sister, made her excuses after 15. Game, set and match to the MiniCams.

The question on everyone's lips was, of course, what is she wearing? In the case of Samantha Cameron, the answer was self-evident: anyone unable to recognise at 20 paces a key look from Jonathan Saunders autumn 2011 collection would have been immediately ejected from last night's party as an imposter. From Florence, however, a straight answer was not so easy to extract, since even the most well-brought-up 13-month-olds have disappointingly little in the way of cocktail party chit -chat.

The smart money had Florence in White Company, Arthur in Gap Kids and Nancy in Boden, though at press time the Minister for Pyjamas was not returning calls.


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