Rakhi Sawant Thinking About Baba Ramdev’s virginity

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There’s no stopping Rakhi Sawant. After openly admitting to having a crush on the yoga guru Baba Ramdev, she is now eyeing the brahmachari baba’s virginity.

Rakhi Sawant says that she will put an end to the tapasya of Baba Ramdev, just like Maneka did to the ancient guru Vishvamitra.

“I challenge Swami Ramdev to come to the Bigg Boss house with me! Maneka bann ke main unki tapasya bhang kar doongi. I'm sure he will lose his virginity when he comes face-to-face with my adaayein,” Rakhi Sawant is quoted as saying by Times Of India.

Rakhi added that she will also make Baba Ramdev shave off his beard, because she wants to see the real face of the yoga guru behind the bushy beard.


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