Shahrukh Khan Ra.One site goes online Live

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Like a kid in a candy store, Shahrukh Khan has been brimming with excitement as the website of his much loved dream project Ra.One went online without any glitches on Thursday.

Shahrukh Khan has been celebrating Eid with his friends from the industry. The excitement of the festivities did not abate as it was replaced by the joy of seeing the official website of Ra.One online.

“And the exciting part is finally...finally the official website is working...yippee!!! (i hope there r no glitches as there always are) check it only official site. n case myopic ones like me didnt read it right,” Shahrukh wrote on his Twitter page, though he himself succumbed to the minor glitch of confusing myopic with hypermetropic.

However, the Ra.One official site failed to attract many hits and Shahrukh asked his fans on Twitter to “rush to the site”.

“Please all on my twitter account friends rush to the site like NOW!!! my office people saying i cant attract enuff hits on the site....prove them completely WRONG...go forth and THRONG...overload and bring this site DOWN!!! RAONEMOVIE.COM,” Shahrukh wrote.


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