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If you thought that your favourite actors and actresses make easy money, thing again! Reportedly, Sonakshi Sinha has just one banana as her breakfast so that she can stay in that perfect figure!

Well, it is a visible fact that Sonakshi Sinha looks slimmer and oomphier post Dabangg. The actress was asked to lose some weight for her film Joker being directed by Shirish Kunder; and no wonder Sonakshi has been following the instructions!

Pune-based Priyanka Bhole, who was chosen to live the life of Sonakshi Sinha through UTV Stars “Live My Life”, received an affectionate greeting at the lobby of a five-star hotel, was booked into a duplex suite full of delights which included Being Human T-shirts, an IPad, and a letter from her much loved star, Sonakshi Sinha.


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