Taylor Lautner’s Abduction Preview with latest trailer

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As Twilight’s werewolf Taylor Lautner’s much awaited film Abduction hits the silver screen this Friday, we thought of bringing to you the trailer and the preview of the movie.

Ok, first things first. Abduction looks to be a promising action packed thriller and we are pleased to see Taylor performing his action stunts in a human form, rather than what we usually see - a furry werewolf!

The trailer begins with Nathan Price (Taylor) describing how normally he leads his life; until, he finds his photo on a missing persons website! Now, the million dollar question: if his photo is posted on that website, then who are those people he is living with?

One more thing; the trailer leaves you confused as to who is supporting Nathan and who is against him! First you see Alfred Molina’s character by Nathan’s side, and the very next moment you see Nathan challenging to hunt him down! Looks interesting!


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