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With its release down the corner, Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin is creating just the right buzz! A new trailer of the movie has been released online, and if, like me, you have grown up reading Tintin comics, this one is a delight for you!

And as the previous trailer, we just can’t help admiring the real-life avatarization of the characters in the new trailer, too! Watching the gigantic ships crashing into each other whets your curiosity level and forces you to think, if the footage looks so classy on the computer screen, how beautiful it will look when we will actually witness the movie in theatres, and that too in 3D! Didn’t it cause a 5D level excitement?

Well, the trailer sees the young Belgian reporter, Tintin, flirting with danger. He discovers that a sunken ship was carrying a secret cargo. And what else can you anticipate from a reporter; he decides to solve the cargo mystery, with baddies trying to prevent him from fulfilling his intentions. What follows is the footage of some high-packed action and a pinch of humour!


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