Anushka Claims To be Completely Single

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Well The rumors that caught Anushka Reputation and fans made story that pointing to scandal with Shahid Kapoor was now finally ended ! as Anushka given a interview in which she stated, " She is completely Single" and that was all rumors and fan made story.

In an Recent Interview Anushka said that she is ‘completely single’. She adds, “I believe in love and I want to be in love, but I haven’t found anybody to be in that state yet. I do not meet too many people, but I am open to meeting anybody, not necessarily an actor.”

She further edit that if somebody approach her with buttering lines and flirting gifts like chocolates and offering dinner or date, he will surely get himself in trouble but in end she told a trick to her fans by which they can when her heart, is only a good and healthy conversion and quality time.

Conclusion By Currentblips Viewers

What so new every single girl have this thought at the beginning, and the fool and stupid thinking of men get them in problem that how sweet the girl is never demanding but once in relation girls make you bankrupt and usually end up saying you got nothing !

*Conclusion is not connected to the news or any other artist directly or indirectly, it is just a clause as per situation not a hit or criticize of anyone, Conclusion is purely not meant to hurt or point someone its just a situation reported by People.


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