Madhur Bhandarkar was Called for hearing on 14 November

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A Mumbai court Tuesday directed the National Award winner Madhur Bhandarkar director to appear on November 14 as part of a rape case by Pretti Jaiin 2004, a star to come, his lawyer said.

"He failed to appear in court at the scheduled hearing. We do not know where he is. Now, it is required to appear Nov. 14" Jaiin lawyer S. Kunjuraman told IANS.

Bhandarkar, 44, had applied for exemption from court Tuesday with his lawyer Shrikant Shivaduti. He previously told a challenge cases of rape against him in a higher court.

Judge BB Pantawane of Andheri Railway Mobile Court on September 19 called Bhandarkar asked to appear before it and submit its report on the matter, Kunjuraman said.

Police in 2006 asked the court to dismiss the case against Bhandarkar who, during their studies, they found false allegations Pretti.

In July 2004, lives in suburban Malad Pretti north of Bombay, created a sensation after being accused of rape Bhandarkar under the pretext of giving him a lead role in his film.

Pretti accused of having slept with Bhandarkar 1999-2004, as he promised a role in his films and marriage.

In a later statement, Pretti, about 30 years, said: "We had sex 16 times and Madhur made promises to give me a lead role in his films, however, he offered me a lead role in one of his movies.. Sometimes, when I refused, he raped me. "

In September 2005 Pretti arrested after she allegedly hired a hit man to Rs.70, 000 to kill Bhandarkar.

Bhandarkar, is credited with making sensitive, critically acclaimed and successful films at the box office like "Chandni Bar", "Page 3", "Traffic Signal", "Corporate" and "Mode", among others.


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