Ooh La La Vidya Balan Dirty Picture Movie item number Sexy and Hot Video

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The first song was released on Dirty Picture on 21 October and Vidya Balan meets the expectations of thousands of chest heaving minutes Ooh La La - Tu Hai Meri Fantasy.

The use of a shocking pink, pearl embellished bodice, Silk Smitha Balan plays a sex symbol of the South, whose short life was marked both with great success and despair.

The film brings to life the hilarious 80s dance grooves Balan and Naseeruddin Shah Song orange-colored clothes. Lemons rolling down the hills like dancers running around the stage, the clay pots stacked high points Jeetendra time.

The song is the exact time and the emotion that can bring the audience a time when the Silk Smitha ruled the screen. The song is well described too, suggestive dance moves and Balan sufficient to reduce the vitality of the Spirits, which was once associated with sex siren of the south end of India.


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