THE RA.ONE MOVIE REVIEW 3d is better than 2d

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To watch Ra.One in 2D would be like blasphemy on a holyday. Watched in 3D, the film offers an awesome visual spectacle unseen so far in any Hindi film. Kudos to Shahrukh Khan and the Ra.One team for raising the bar. So what makes Ra.One in 3D a film not to be missed? All the dope dished out ahead.

For ages now, the VFX (visual effects) in Indian cinema has teetered precariously on an edge between tacky execution and suicidal budgets. We’ve seen superheroes, albeit scarce, defy gravity and lap up levity without us failing to imagine or even ‘see’ the morphed-out cables and harnesses that got the job done. It’s taken a Shahrukh Khan, a star with deep pockets and insane ambition, to break the barrier and provide the much awaited rite of passage for the VFX to come of age on Indian screen.

Ra.One, in that sense, is a triumph even though it doesn’t have one helluva story to elicit adulation for the writers. The story, in fact, is quite childish. A video game super-villain is piqued after having lost the maiden battle to a kid (Armaan Verma). So to exact revenge, he acquires a life of his own and steps from the virtual world to the real one to kill the kid, who happens to be the son of the creator of the video game Shekhar Subramaniam (Shahrukh Khan). Even as this villain Ra.One (Arjun Rampal) wreaks havoc and assumes different guises to kill the boy, the superhero G.One (Shahrukh Khan), made in the creator’s likeness, comes to the rescue of the kid and his mom (Kareena Kapoor).


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