SMF new Mod Slide Content V.1 has been Release

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The new mod of Smf has been Release

SMF Slide Content
By Oni

[b]COMPATIBLE WITH SMF 2.0, 2.0.1[/b]

[b]Credits:[/b] [url=]Where Codes Begin[/url]
[b]Support Forum:[/b] [url=]Slide Content V.1[/url]

This mod installs a Slide Content below the SMF forum. You can Also use it with tiny portal by manualing pasting the boardindex.php code in the block where
you want it to appear. might be workable with other front page optimizers.

Screen Shot

If you need support or need customize help, please post in the thread at or @ [url=] Mod Support Forum[/url] Thanks!


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