Agent Vinod Bollywood Movie Doesn't meet Viewer's Expectation 2/5 Rating

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Agent Vinod
Film: Broker Vinod
Director: Sriram Raghavan
Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Adil Hussain
Rating: **

“Sharaabi hai, laundibaaz hai. Ek gandi aadat aur hai. Imaandaar hai.” These collections performed out in one of the Broker Vinod ads, with photos of Saif Ali Khan defeating up goons, serenading females, the performs. It’s a different tale when you observe the film. Our man hardly ever ever gets to for the container, and is never in bed with a woman. Not a tip of badass-ness, no wile. Besides, even the line’s not about him. Such a Hindi fillum idol he is. Royal and tedious.

Agent Vinod is Sriram Raghavan’s ode to the spy category, his ongoing relationship with ‘70’s Hindi theatre, and a authentic effort at exciting in a sensible design. But it just does not perform. It’s not goofy enough to be fun, not amazing enough to be taken seriously, and not exciting enough to bypass the first two factors. It has whizzes of elegance, yes. Raghavan had the right concept, it seems, and your best option for the cause part in Saif Ali Khan. But somewhere, there seemes to have been a slide between the program and the film.

Agent Vinod performs out like a modern Connection film - the measures kickstarts in Afghanistan where AV (Saif) is presented attentive, and then rotates 9 to 10 nations, Italy, Morrocco, Latvia, Pakistan and Britain among them. Interestingly, for a spy who has expected to be excellent at his job, AV has a penchant for getting found (he destinations whenever, of course). Broker Rajan was the one who saved him in Afghanistan; when Rajan is murdered while on a objective in Italy, Broker Vinod is sent to complete the task. His only hint - variety 242.

Bond-meets-Bourne-meets-TinTin is how Saif Ali Khan described Broker Vinod in his interview in the lead-up to the film’s launch (he eventually missed it all more apparent factor - ‘Bollywood’). The outcome is a hard-to-digest mishmash. Raghavan seems to have desired to create a healthy, massy performer while maintaining his sensibilities complete, and it’s in controlling that collaboration that the film comes apart.

Kareena Kapoor’s personality, for example, seems to have been loaded in the dilemma only to create sure that the ambiance box is checked. She is a representative too, yet she does little than cower behind Vinod as he battles off the bad folks. Like Vinod, she’s tedious, and far from the femme fatale you want her to be.

Unwanted scenarios (between the cause pair) and unnecessary music add to the film’s already lazily unfurling tale. For a thriller that shares of atomic explosions and a plan that zip fasteners from one nation to another, the film goes at a staggeringly gradual speed, and is only occasionally holding.

Agent Vinod had large prospective though. Some dialogues glimmer, and the film is slicker than most Bollywood movies that declare to be fashionable measures thrillers (think Don, Dhoom, Gamers, etc). Saif seems to be the best option to perform the smooth-talking spy - he’s enchanting in his personality, has the physicality necessary for the part, and definitely like design and chutzpah - and he does extremely well.

The helping toss is exciting too. Ram Kapoor is excellent as a medication master and hands supplier, while Prem Chopra is appropriately cheap. Adil Hussain, who was seen in a brief but amazing part as Vidya Balan’s partner in Ishqiya, gets the meatiest part among the bad folks, and is appropriately wicked. Dhritiman Chatterjee is wonderfully toss. BP Singh, the designer of the long-running CID sequence, is toss as AV’s manager and the go of the Analysis and Analysis Side (RAW), in what seems to be one of Raghavan’s many tributes (hat guidelines to movies including The Five Man Military and Northern By Northern west to Amar Akbar Anthony and, of course, Deepak Bahry’s Broker Vinod).

Sriram Raghavan’s Broker Vinod is amazing in parts, as well as asinine in others. It’s probably the most inconsistently excellent film I’ve saw lately, and a large disappointment. Which is a bad. It could have created for a unusual, looked-forward-to business.

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