How to make your Photo look Alike Anime Adobe Photoshop

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Well to start let me tell you I am not a photographer nor a Photoshop expert, I just the fan of Mangekyu-Sharingin, in Naruto Anime Manga I made this photo by my self and I will Disclose the tricks with you guys ! So you can also make your photo look alike anime of your choice !.

To start ahead You must know Cropping, chopping in adobe Photoshop must know about filter's basic one pre-installed with adobe and finally you must know how to play with curves !

That was of-course the software requirement what about hardware requirement you should have long hair or desired hair of your anime (you can also use adobe Photoshop hair brushes I never used one) a  good pose by which you can posses the ability and yea a Good Camera atleast 2 mega pixel mobile camera so the adobe filter's plus brightness and contrast can work Correctly other-wise you will end making a silly photo.

Now after these requirement you can comment and ask me how to make specific curve's and paint's on your photo according to lighting and yea sorry if I make any mistake in English, Not my Mother Tongue.

1. First load your picture in adobe PhotoShop.

2. If your picture is too big make it 640x480 or as your desire not a requirement.

3. Goto Image>adjustment>brightness/contrast
make brightness in between -12 to -18 as your picture should not go too dark
make Contrast  in between +4 to +8 your hair's should not mix up they have to be like separate layers !

4. now make a duplicate layer of your current image you can do it by pressing Ctrl+j or by right clicking your image layer and clicking duplicate layer, after you make a duplicate layer apply two effects !
filter>artistic>dry brush
its value must be
Brush size 0
Brush Details 10
Texture 1
(note if your picture is to big in size try changing brush size to 2 or as per requirement until you got a little paint effect)

now goto filter>artistic>pallet knife
its value must be
Stroke Size 14
Stroke Details 3
Softness 10

You must be thinking what has done to my picture don't worry its completely done to new layer now under the layer window chose its opacity to 75% and Blending Mode to Darken.

(Note all the value is subject to change according to your picture lighting so change it to get desired effect)

Not under the layer window you will see a button saying Create new fill or adjustment layer press it and chose Curves.

Now first under the drop down menu RBG chose Red !according to my case i want blue shade below and red shade on my eyes so it can also be change according to your needs ! so change the curves something shown below in the picture.

Now Change from red to RGB change the curves like shown in the picture Below !

Now Goto layers>flatten iamge

You are Close to Done ! now open image>adjustments> Hue/saturation

Under the open window Chose saturation to lower the color pitch by taking it in minus according to your needs.

now goto image>adjustments>color balance.
now change the red one according to your needs ! if your theme is green or blue change the desired one.

Now you are done !

Well I like a normal one better than anime like this one.
By the how make a SHARINGING in my normal eye you can also do it by cropping an image i use below image to crop the exact eye area and past in to my eye and using Blur brush on the edged done my Job Well.

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