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All the covers of the movies below are respective copy rights to their makers !

She posing like she is making dash in the city XD

Ok fine but where's the vampire ? the hero ? and what's the concept of showing 2 shadow person at left side of boy leg ?

Firstly how he is hiding his identity ? with a ribbon on eyes ! come-on don't kid please, did some one sense that the power's are quite transparent and some one should tell them green and blue mix and make yellow ! XD

Not need to say much ! the picture says it all, isn't it ? hey dude show should be looking at camera ? what so funny hanging on the wall ? a photo of girl in bikini ? the standing brother whispering to seated brother "yea brother we have to get her ? " XD

Where's the box ? the guys should hire a better adobe photo maker a simple rust paint brush and they think cover is done :P

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