On-Page Optimization Techniques Every Blogger Must Know

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Our first post was based on SEO On-Page and Off Page techniques briefly but now i would like to focus into much depth about what truly On-page Optimization is. Just making a site or blog won't get you success to earn money or rank good on SERP if you want real traffic you need good site optimization, you can check how good your page is for SERP from open site explorer by SEOmoz.

Now let’s see how you can make your blog SEO Friendly.

seo on page optimization

Meta Tags

It has been quite discussed topic but how important it still is? I say one of the major factors which affects your rank in Google even though everyone knows that adding good title and description in Meta tags is important but what really good title and description is?

Title must be limited to 60 letters exceeding that Google may ignore it... you can make your titles longer for better quality experience but it won't be read by Google so you need to limit your keywords within 60 letters.

URL is as important as title you need to place your keywords within the title even though a recent video of whiteboard Friday by SEOmoz says you can put any URL but it’s recommended that you use proper url with keywords to get best ranking.

Description is another very good factor which affects your search results maximum limit for description must be around 155 to 165 words. Like title exceeding that may not be read by Google you must try to put your keyword in description once so you can target the page better it’s not important though.

Keyword Density

Another thing of controversy it has been debated many times that what the perfect keyword density is. Before Penguin people used to say 2-3% is good but after Penguin update Keyword Density has been targeted even more website built solely with the purpose of Keyword stuffing to rank better have been taken down and high quality content having things that are useful for audience is going to rank better if you ask me I say forget keyword density write stuff that is valuable to the traffic if you are focusing on your topic and if you have repeated your keyword if it’s not going to get you penalized just try to look natural.

Internal Linking

page one on seoVery important factor to increase your page views, whenever you write a post don't write it in such a manner that once read it will be lost forever you need to link your old pages from the new so the users know what you have written in past link to pages that are similar to the one that user is reading and might interest that person you can anchor text or even ask the readers to click here to find more info and such.

Social Sharing Buttons

Internet is a connection between Computers and Social media is a connection between people and after Penguin update. Social Media has influenced internet search a lot. Every one is a part of Social Networks these days. You just need to know where your audience exists and put your Social Sharing buttons on your blog so the readers can easily share you post.

Design and Layout

I know must be thinking what, why design? Let’s put an example you are passing through a shopping mall 2 Apparel shops both have t-shirt you want but one has on display other doesn't which one would you visit. Ofcourse the one with display so you know they have the t-shirt you want. Better designed blogs attract users in coming again and again even they ask others to visit your blog for great design and put good impression to others bad designed blogs who would follow ? You need subscriber’s right? Go for great design.

Other Factors involved in On-Page are site speed; low sites are bad for SEO and even user experience. Generating XML Sitemap, High quality content you need to make content that has information research, tutorials, something fun, and anything that attracts the users.

Did I miss anything? You’d like to share? Feel Free to Comment…!


  1. On page optimization is a major SEO technique which includes actions that are done on the website. Whatever you do on the website to increase its search engine relevancy and friendliness is termed as on page SEO and this is the first step towards your SEO success. Achieving top rankings in the results page of search engine do not require any infeasible short cuts but the correct applications of SEO techniques-On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization.


  2. You are absolutely right and in the other words we all blogger need to team up to be save by the Google latest update ! I have seen many Times, that Google kicks out those blogs who after new updates who has no connection with other bloggers ? what do you say just a observation !


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