Rss Graffiti launched 2.0 beta version

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RSS Graffiti is a social media content distribution solution provider, it makes it easy for people to share blog posts, Twitter updates, YouTube videos and other social activity with friends and fans on Facebook. RSS Graffiti can be used with any website or social application that has an RSS/Atom feed.
The best part after facing too much problem with the Facebook update, the new beta version is launched !

The popularity of Facebook has skyrocketed over the past few years, making it a valuable tool both for friends and families who want to stay in touch and businesses who want to market their products on social media sites. One great way to do either of these things is to set up an RSS feed on Facebook.

Using these steps, you can have your personal blog post automatically to your Facebook news feed, so your friends and family can keep up with what you are doing. You can even post your Twitter updates to your Facebook wall, and even make your Twitter status become your Facebook status. For businesses, posting the company blog on Facebook can be a great way to keep customers informed.

You can even post an RSS feed to a Facebook fan page. Setting up an RSS feed on Facebook can also do wonders for writers who want to promote their writing on the web.


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