Celebrating Father's Day!

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“Father! – To God himself we cannot give a holier name” ~William Wordsworth

Father’s Day is a celebration of fatherhood and male parenting, a day dedicated to all the fathers around the world. In my opinion, there is no fixed moment to tell your parent how much you love them, let alone a fixed day. But caught in our hectic everyday lives, we sometimes forget the significance of family. Father’s Day is therefore, a day to remind us and our fathers of the vital role that we both play in each others lives.

Since it’s his day, make sure that by the end of it, your Dad knows that he’s the best! And there are many ways to do that.

1)      Make it a Good Morning!
Be sure to start you Dad’s day off with a big hug. It maybe possible that he isn’t the hugging type, but don’t let that get in your way! Brighten up his morning by preparing breakfast yourself. If you’re not that good a cook, you can always take your Mother’s or an elder sibling’s help.

2)      Be a Helping Hand!
Though it’s important to always help your father with his work and the chores of the house, make sure that you take over today. Whether it’s gardening, or grocery shopping, fixing a light bulb or washing the car, complete all the tasks that were his to do.

3)      Gifts!
What better way to show your affection than a gift. Either get him his favorite cologne or a tie. His favorite CD or book. “World’s Best Dad” mugs are a tradition! Remember, gifts aren’t just bought, they can also be made. In fact, hand made gifts are adored even more. You can bake a cake for him or a batch of brownies. Make a greeting card or a drawing for him. Express it through words; write a poem or a song.

4)      Time!
The best possible gift is to give the entire day to your Dad. Spend some quality time with him, doing whatever he likes to do. Either play his favorite sport or watch his favorite movie. A dinner at his favorite restaurant or a trip to his favorite museum.

5)      If it’s Broken, Fix It!
It’s possible that you and father aren’t on the best of terms. Don’t let that stop you. If he lives somewhere far away, give him a call. Or if it’s possible, give him a visit and surprise him! You two might not get along, but just for a day, just remind him that he means something to you.

6)       In His Memory!
     If you are one of those unfortunate ones whose fathers have passed away, you of all the people should know that there is no particular day to honor his memory. On Father’s Day, do all of the things that he liked to do. Visit all his favorite places. Donate charity or plant a tree in his name. Cherish his memories and keep them alive.

And remember! Father's day is not limited to your biological father. You can honor the presence of your stepfathers, grandfathers, elder brothers and all the father figures in your life.

“He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived and let me watch him do it” ~Clarence Budington Kelland.


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