Diet Myths

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- Rabiya Waheed

“He called me fat”, “These jeans don't fit me anymore!, “They don’t have XL size for me at the store”, “I must not eat anymore”. These are some common phrases that we hear every day and everywhere around us. But have we ever wondered why? Commonly its known as being “fat” but in medical terms it is also known as “obesity”, “adipose tissue” or “lipo”.  It happens when excessive fat is stored in your fat tissues. But the real issue are the extreme measures people take to stop it. They go on a diet. Now going on a diet mean totally different things in the West and the East. In the West, going on a diet means incorporating healthy foods in your life and burning your calories. In the East, especially in Asia, going on a diet means simple two words- starving yourself.  There are several myths that are very popular among people who believe that those particular habits will improve or ruin their diet. But that is false. Here are some common myths that people blindly believe in.

Myth no. 1:
Eating less will make me thin
No baby, it won’t. Instead it will make you gain even more weight. Starving yourself will make you hungry all the time and when you will reach for food you will end up putting more then you want on that plate. It may give you the desired results and remove fat but also lean muscles and tissues which are important for maintaining metabolism and building of muscles. For a healthy metabolism and muscles exercise is recommended so you can burn off those calories without making yourself weak.

Myth no. 2:
Bananas and potatoes are fattening:
Believe me these foods fall into the category of healthy foods. Bananas are the excellent source of potassium and are low in fat. Whereas potatoes are made up of starch and water. So as long as you are doing some activity during the day eating boiled potatoes are not at all fattening. In fact they provide you with lots of carbohydrates.

Myth no. 3:
Exercising at any time of the day will keep my metabolism maintained
Well this may work for some people but morning exercise is the best as it keeps you active all day long. Not only that, it also activates your metabolism for the whole day. When you exercise the blood flows to your brain providing it with plenty of oxygen. An hour or half an hour of exercise is healthy enough for you.

Myth no. 4:
Eating at midnight will make you fat
Eating at midnight will not make you fat until and unless you are snacking on that gooey chocolate lava cake or a huge pack of potato crisps. Recent study has shown that people who eat at midnight do not get fat. It’s the total amount of food you consume the whole day that effects your overall weight.

Myth no. 5:
Eating after every half an hour or “Grazing” will fatter you up:
Well eating only when you are hungry is recommended by the doctors. But you should be really feeling the hunger when reaching for those almonds or fruits during the day. Eating anything in excessive amounts will increase your waist line.

Myth no. 6:
Only exercising will help me shed those pounds
Exercising and not controlling what you eat will not make any difference to your weight. Controlling your eating habits will make a difference. Yet it DOES NOT mean that you give up exercising. It just helps you maintaining weight and stimulating your appetite.

Myth no. 7:
Eating Non Fat or low fat food will help you lose weight
Fats are necessary for health. They are a critical element for hairs, skin, muscles and other body organs. A little amount of fat in your food keeps you satisfied for longer because digestion of fat suppresses ghrelin (hormone that makes us feel hungry).

It is not important to make yourself look absolutely like Angelina Jolie or Kim Kardashian but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is certainly important. Stay active and healthy and never let people judge you by the way you look, it’s the inside that counts.

And remember, the best and most traditional way to lose weight, is to get off your butt and be active! Do not sit idle. Hitting the gym every morning and sweating your bones out will never work, unless you're active throughout the rest of the day. And when you have your eating habits under control! Stay healthy and happy dieting! :)


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