Go Crazy On Your Nails!

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No one looks at your nails twice, if you’ve got a coat of plain, monochrome nail color slapped onto them! Looking at just one nail color applied to all 10 fingers has turned into an eye sore for today’s generation. But there is a way that will turn your nails from an eye sore, to eye candy! All you have to do is throw in a little variety of color, few crazy shapes, and lots of patience.

In a world where dying your hair in neon colors and wearing mismatched socks isn’t crazy anymore, nail art is no big deal. In fact, it’s a cheap and easily available method of turning tedious nails into an actual piece of art. There is an endless variety of nail art designs that can be applied to both long and short nails. But I’m not so sure about the girls who have the habit of chewing their nails off and leaving nothing behind.

Although there are ready made nail art stickers available in the market, treating your nails like your very own canvas will always be preferable. There is a crazy range of nail art designs that can be created with combining the basics and throwing in whatever colors that you desire! The colors maybe complementing each other or they might be in complete contrast. Remember! You have to go crazy!

The basics:
·         Polka dots
·         Flowers

·         Hearts

·         Checks

·         Stripes
·         Crazy tips

·         Random Shapes

·         Animals

·         Characters

The basics above can be used as they are for intricate and simple designs. But you can always merge two or  more of them together and create something completely new. It is all a job of patience because you have to wait for one layer of polish to dry before you can apply the next.

There are proper tools for nail art available in the market such as dotting tools. And a complete range of nail paints with comparatively thin brushes can be found too. These tools will help bring out perfection and intricacy in your designs. But if you find these tools expensive and useless to buy, you can always use replacements!

For example, dotting tools can easily be replaced by Q-tips, pencil nips, toothpicks, bobby pins and just about anything with a circular edge to it. Similarly, nail art brushes can be replaced by an old eye liner brush or simple art brushes.

So these are all the basic instructions that are needed to start off your own Nail Art career. You can always refer the internet for ideas and watch Youtube for tutorials.

This change of fashion is guaranteed to make people stop and come over to you just to look at your nails and be impressed. Enjoy!


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