How to Get Penalized by Google Panda or Penguin in a Single Day

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You may have heard enough about how to avoid being hurt by Google Penguin or Panda but not many people tell you how to get Penalized. Well, Today, I am going to tell you how easy it is to get your blog Penalize in one single day. Just follow these steps and you will succeed in having a Spam Blog.

google penguin and panda

Duplicate Content

Copy as much as you can from all the sources of internet just copy the content from any website and make a post out of it. This is the most easiest way to get de-indexed from Google and make your website look spam. You can also make multiple pages with same content to make it look more Spam.

Anchor-Text Spam

Focus on your keyword as much as you can 1 keyword is enough for a website to get de-ranked, don't find too many keywords try to target the single one. Try to get as many back links with the same keywords from every source be it the Forum Signatures, Article Submission, Web directories, Sidebar Widgets in other free blogging services and blog commenting and only focus on do-follow websites you have to make it look un-natural.

Low-Quality Back Links

Never care about Page Rank or the websites with too many external links write blog comments on spam blogs to get back links and make sure you have the same anchor text Use Google Translator to convert an article from other languages then post in at many low quality article spam websites to get maximum benefit of getting banned. Submit websites to 1000s of web directories with no authority even those which have been penalized. make one page blogs with lots of do-follow of back links in footer and side-bar widgets.

Reciprocal Linking and Blog Networks

Try to get as many reciprocal links with blogs in all niche other than yours even make a separate page for affiliate partners and add lots of spam external links. Try to take parts in Blog Networks that exchange traffic and are made to increase Page ranks all linking to each other.

Keyword Stuffing and Hidden Links

Put lots of keywords you need to keep 70% of keyword density as said by Matt Cutts himself in this video you need to make content with too many keywords they make your website look like a trash bin which is perfect to get penalized. Try to include hidden links as well those links which can not be seen by general people as they keep same color as the background but google reads it so it will be easier for Google to Penalize you.

I hope this post can help you build a spam blog and you can be proud of being kicked by Panda and eaten by Penguin.

Share your thoughts on more ways to get Penalized from Google Search Results.


  1. Can you explain more in details about "Anchor-Text Spam" :D

  2. After the Google Penguin update they have taken strong actions against the websites which target some specific keywords to get ranked but they overuse of “exact match” so we should try to make a mix up of keywords for back linking..! check out a related source for more information..!

  3. i agree with you Raheel! but how can we target keywords to gain traffic on our sites??

  4. And What if i exchange links with similar website do i get penalize by that too..

  5. see exchanging link is not a problem unless until you have a nice article placed for each other ! That means no side bar links exchange that are permanent for 1 or two months ! either on similar website !

  6. Does anyone think too many links from a good, relevant site, hurts your overall weight with Google, even if the anchor text is varied?


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