Karachi University Survival Guide

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University of Karachi is ranked as one of the top three universities of Pakistan. Spread over a massive 1,279 acres of land and consisting of 8 faculties, and more than 50 departments, it is currently educating an approximate of 24,000 students. It has also made onto THE-QS World University Rankings for the top 500 universities in the world. Prestige it maybe, but life in Karachi University is anything but luxurious or even comfortable to say the least.

Today, I’ll be focusing on the issues that the students of Karachi University face in their everyday university lives. And on the possible solutions for such unique situations.

1) Getting there!
The first and most highlighted part of a KUrian’s day is to make it to the gates of the university. While a certain percentage of the students have the luxury of cars, public transport and bikes, a considerable amount relies on the mercy of the university’s Points. A Point by definition is a not so respectable vehicle assigned by your institution to get you to the gates of the university. And if the day is ever merciful enough, you might also get to reach your department without having to walk that excruciating walk.

A Point is not as accommodating as it sounds though. Out of the 365 days of the year, it is insanely crowded during a good 300 days. A Karachi University Point stuffed at its fullest capacity is a sight to see on the early morning streets of Karachi. But it’s not much of a sight if you happen to be one of the 250 poor souls trapped inside the vehicle itself. To survive it, firstly, you need a miracle, to find a place to sit. A good play list of songs and a good grip on the supporting bars incase you’re the unfortunate standing ones. Monkey like reflexes that allow you to hold onto a bar with one hand and fish inside your bag for the bus fare with the other.

2) Identify Yourself!
                          Reaching the gate is hurdle enough, but then there is the issue of identifying yourself at the gates before being let inside the jungle. Always remember to keep your ID cards on yourself. Because the lovely ladies at Silver Jubilee can ask you to flash your cards at them any day. If you are found without an ID, you’ll be forbidden from entering the university grounds. So what do you do? Camouflage of course! Blend in with the enormous flood of students pouring in from the gates and silently keep moving. The ladies will happily forget about you in a nanosecond or two.

If you drive to university, and posses no Pass for the vehicle, you are doomed. If you can make it to the gates before 8 AM, you are good to go. But if you’re stopped by the guards and asked to identify yourself, slam your foot on the pedal and show them what you’re made of! I’m not sure if this will work for the students with bikes. Give it a try if you’re not afraid to get shot.
3) Now what?
                    Congratulations! You are now safely inside the university gates. Now all you have to do is reach your departments. How exactly do you do that? There are several ways. The most traditional method is to walk .You can choose to give yourself a beautiful natural tan while walking the rejuvenating walk to the Arts Lobby. Or you could take the Shuttle. A Shuttle and Point is the exact same vehicle. But Shuttles are the more likeable versions because neither do they charge, nor do they suck the oxygen out of your lungs. Remember, no matter how much you try to deny it, a Shuttle is a far better way to reach to the departments than walking. And if you rely on lifts to make it to the lobbies, I salute you.

4) Department Sweet Department!
                         No matter how corrupted or unattractive your department is, you love it. All of the departments in Karachi University have one thing in common though. The wonderful classrooms. Sitting on the floor, studying without fans, spending the day without water is no big deal. Terrifying bugs that are found nowhere else will constantly bother you. You’ll have to develop ninja-like reflexes to fight them off. Stay on the lookout for snakes, not that you’ll ever come across one and don’t ever mess with squirrels. Donot feed the cats. KU felines are quite over friendly.

5) Flavors of KU!
                If you are not a weight conscious person, then Karachi University is bound to be your paradise because the variety of food and drinks is endless. The flavors are diverse enough to easily last through all four years of graduation. From a Halwa Poori breakfast, to a lunch with Chicken Kerhai. From ravishing delights like Ice creams, Fresh Juices, Gola Gandas and Milshakes. To a fulfilling dinner with Biryani. The endless variety of PG, the finger licking flavors of Majeeday. The heavenly Students Cafeterias and then Sufi. Be it desi food or fast food, thirst quenching drinks for the summer, or steaming coffee to enjoy winter. Just about everything is at your service. And remember, if you ever feel like the food is showing on you, walking to the Arts Lobby everyday will effectively solve that problem.

6) Black, Brown and Grey!
                     The never ceasing fear of KUrian’s is the gradual roasting of their skins to a perfect golden brown. If you travel underground or through private transport, you’ll be comparatively safer. But if walking from the gates to the departments is your daily ritual, you will need some extreme measures to prevent yourself from turning grey. First of all, be sure to apply thick layers of sunblock. You may also use gloves, fake sleeves or wrap yourself like Taliban. Everything is acceptable. So are umbrellas. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy. You have the complete right to protect your beauty.

Avoid wearing white for your own sake and for others around you. When the monsoon season is close, do not wear flip-flops or sandals. Trust me, it gets pretty ugly. Incase of riots, stay where you are. So that’s it!
Life in Karachi University can get a little rough at times, but the bad moments in a KUrian’s life will hardly ever outweigh the good ones. So be proud of being a part of one of the top universities of the world, especially when it has so much to offer.


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