Kite Runner - Book Review

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- Fatima Beeka

Khaled Hosseini, through his excellent explanatory tongue draws attention to his book 'Kite Runner'. Born in Afghanistan, he briefs his reader, of a story  of two young boys brought up in his hometown.

The tale is narrated by Amir, one of those two young boys, who is the son of a rich gentleman. Their servants Ali and his young boy, Hasan, live with them too. The story unfolds with the most affectionate brotherly relationship between Amir and Hasan.

Hasan, being the sturdy and defendant, always stands up for Amir, who unlike Hassan is the flimsiest creature on planet earth. Hasan walks through every thick and thin with Amir's life and helps him in winning the grand kite flying contest. As he runs his last kite for Amir, this remarkable story reaches its its plot and changes their ways.

Amir, the witness of Hasan being violated preserves his own guilt of retaliating with cowardice flies to San Fransisco with his father who had wept like a child when Ali and Hasan had left their house earlier to move back to hazara, their own land.

Their life continues with Amir's ambitions to become a good writer whereas his father suffers from a fatal disease and he is bound to marry his love, Surayya, in a very short time. Amir's "Baba" dies and his life moves on again until he receives a call from baba's old friend from Afghanistan, Rahim Khan. Life back in Afghanistan is a cruel and dangerous one where Amir gets the challenge of saving Hasan's only son and his only blood relative Sohrab.

The concealing and revealing of tragedies and truths makes this book a hale composition of devotion and commitment. Khaled Hosseini grips and re-grips his readers' mind through a handful of feelings and ideas through his own charmed way.


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