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Max Payne had last appeared in a game in 2003 blasting his way through the bad guys aided by his signature ability to slow time. However in Max Payne 3 perhaps due to his own age; Max takes things slower and makes effectiveuse of a newly introduced cover mechanic.

However the addition of this this element doesn’t mean that Max Payne 3 lacks in anything. It is far from an ordinary third person shooter.
With its brutal violence and exceptional implementation of bullet time this is undoubtedly an excellent game.
The story line is obviously a bit different than the previous game.
In Max Payne 3 max flees his New York life to take a job working security for a wealthy family in Sao Paulo. He also reveals a strange complexity here not seen in earlier games.

James McCaffrey has done an excellent job playing his role as Max. He has brought a remarkably wide range of emotions to the character.

One thing that hasn’t changed is Max Payne’s ability to blow countless enemies. Shooting in Max Payne 3 feels absolutely amazing. One of the main reasons is the games unflinching violence.

Bullets can be seen tearingthrough bodies as your enemies die in agony. One of the coolest and my favorite feature of the game is when each encounter with a group of enemies ends with a bullet cam showing the final bullet soaring through the air and striking through the target in detail.

Let’s not forget bullet time. The mechanic of the Max Payne series that lends guns,play a cinematic feel.
You can actually see bullets fly through the air when bullet time is enabled causing unbelievable destruction to the world around you.

However things are a little different in Max Payne 3. Despite the significant edge that bullet time gives you over your foes; the enemies in Max Payne 3 make smart use of flanking tactics. So you need to stay aware of what’s happening on all sides.

One of setbacks is Max’s signature shoot dodge.
Which has suffered, you can still leap through the air in slow motion but since your enemies also make good use of cover there’s a chance that your airborne assault won’t be very effective. And something that really annoyed me was that once you get up from the ground after a shoot dodge you’re something similar to a sitting duck. The result is that you may end up using shoot dodge; not because it’s a particularly effective tactic but only because it just looks so amazing.

It all adds up to an extremely exciting campaign.

Where the campaign is tight and focused the multiplayer is comparatively fast.

However the single player campaign here is the real deal. There’s an option to return to the campaign and play on higher difficulty levels or to tackle the leader boards in arcade mode and in New York minute mode; in which you go through levels earning time for each kill.

Personally I love every single thing about the game. And I strongly recommend it to those who love to play third person shooter. 
You will surely not be disappointed. You can still count on the Max Payne name to be different yet very exiting compared to the rest of the third person shooter games.


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